Rubber Paver

Rubber pavers, also called dog bone rubber tile. Widely applicable to Outdoors, playground, Stable horse barn rubber bricks,,kindergarte, pedestrian bridges, parks etc. The rubber avers sizes are small and installation is flexible. The rubber paver have good shock resistance, noise insulating, wear resistance etc.

Technical data

Features: Rubber tile was made by 100% ECO-friendly EPDM,SBR rubber granules.

It has excellent elasticity, excellent shock and abrasion absorption.

Easy for maintenance. The tiles have beautiful appearance, stable, plain.They are widely used in outside, palygroud and horse stable, runway etc.

  • Size: 25mmx160mmx250mm
  • Size: 45mmx160mmx250mm
  • Color: Black, red, green, blue or other colors can be customized
  • Material: EPDM and recycled SBR granules
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