NR rubber sheet

Natural rubber sheet has good tensile and elongation characteristics along with high abrasion resistance. Also for applications requiring a soft rubber seal. Conforms to irregular flanges with bolt heads. Resists most organic salts, acids, alkalies, and ammonia. Non-marking natural gum rubber material has an excellent tear strength and is a resilient rubber type that doesn’t hold memory. Gum rubber also has a self healing ability making it ideal for shooting ranges. Gum Rubber is also abrasion resistant making it a good fit for sand blasting booths.

Diamond rubber mat

Application: Diamond Rubber Mat provides a retro feel and a safe walkway. It is easy to construct and clean.The product can work in normal temperature environment. They are water proof, sliding proof and with no juncture, and can be used around entrance-way, doors, lift doors, stairs, escalator aprons, ramps and more.

Stud cow mat

Stud cow mat Application: Technical data It can provides an excellent anti-slip surface. Embossed top surface provides traction and prevents animal getting injury from slipping. Grooved bottom is effective for drainage. Made in rolls,can cover a large area for the whole installation area,avoiding bacteria build up. It increases comfort for animal and is easy to…